It’s almost Gatsby day! No, I don’t mean the actual release date of The Great Gatsby in Australia, nor do I mean the release of the soundtrack which I have been playing constantly for the last fortnight (particularly this one and this one). I mean the day I actually get to see the film, which has been delayed until one week from today for reasons relating to going with family, and ticket purchasing, and buying into the whole Gold Class delusions for the simple reason that if there’s any film you should watch accompanied by a whole bottle of champagne it’s The Great Gatsby.

And yes, reviews have not been fabulous, but I’m not expecting much more than a fun film vaguely related to one of my favourite novels with two extremely talented actors at the helm. How could I possibly be disappointed?

Ahem, this arrived today!


In case you were deceived, I do not party with Jay Gatsby. I party with Beautiful Creatures audiobooks and excel formulas. I am just. that. cool.

On the Interwebs

The Johnsons… They’ve gone Gatsby!

Much as I want to like the film I have to admire Luke Buckmaster’s way with words.

Director Baz Luhrmann’s adaptation of The Great Gatsby cements his reputation as the quasi-intellectual’s Michael Bay, who destroys things with glitter instead of Transformers.

Side note – I feel one of the best things about book adaptations, now that songs are being written specifically for film soundtracks, is that it’s essentatially being given a basket load of literature related tunes. This should only be encouraged.

 Alas not everything has a musical adaptation yet. Myself I’d like to see Day of the Triffids, because after seeing the hilariously musical War Of The Worlds last weekend I really, really want to hear people singing about man eating plants.